3 Beer Rub

3beerrubHELLO!!!…WE’RE 3 BEER RUB!!!

We make a DRY RUB that is GREAT VALUE to our customers with its QUALITY and VERSATILITY!!!

This all started with 3 friends, HOME BREWING BEER and BBQing RIBS. We tried many different RUBS and were disappointed with the results, as most of the RUBS were TOO SALTY!!! WE WANTED FLAVOR!!!

Experimenting with many RECIPES…using the SPICES we like…finding the proper RATIOS…and have a few BEERS…lead to our 3 BEER BBQ RUB!!! Its BROWN SUGAR based with 10 SPICES!!!

In 2004 we were bottling THE RUB in Mason Jars and Gifting to Family and Friends. All we kept hearing was “I NEED SOME MORE” and “HAVE YOU TRIED IT ON THIS”.

3 BEER RUB is an Original Spice Blend.
Brown Sugar Sweet with Mild Heat.
Great for flavoring…
Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish/Seafood & Veggies!

It’s not just a RUB!
Try 3 BEER RUB for spicing up baked beans, corn, squash, mac & cheese, and other dishes.

In 2008 we started selling 3 BEER RUB
in local Farmers’ Markets and retail locations.

The response has been overwhelming.
3 BEER RUB is now sold in over 40 states.
In the Finest
Butcher shops, BBQ Supply Stores, Specialty Groceries,
and regional groceries.

Thanks to our customer suggestions
we have just introduced the
3 BEER RUB Seafood Seasoning
RUBvolution Crunch Popcorn.

The 3 BEER RUB Family wants to
Thank You
For enjoying our products!!!